Educause 2007 – Using Video Streaming and Podcasting to Design Rich-Media Online courses

Brief Notes from Educause 2007 presentation by Diane ZornYork University

“Using Video Streaming and Podcasting to Design Rich-Media Online Course”

Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 10:30am-11:20am session

  • Digital Natives–students under 30 years old–enjoy YouTube style videos as opposed to polished and edited content.
  • Digital Immigrants–students over 40 years old–expect content to be edited.
  • Prof. Zorn encourages Contacts Between Students and Faculty
    • York U uses MediaSite® technology by sonicfoundry, Inc.
  • Professor Zorn includes welcome videos and sample assignments for students to view on their own time.
    • In the Welcome Message, Prof. Zorn explains how this course will be different from any other course that they have experienced in the past.
  • Prof. Zorn tries to combat faculty isolation, and sink-or-swim agressiveness
    • She tries to encourage faculty mentoring
    • Interactivity–Lecture worksheets and handouts to go along with podcasts and vodcasts
      • Student must download a document that is timestamped with sections within the lecture
      • Students will hear–”Pause this podcast and reflect on the following question.”
      • The student then must post their answer to learning team rooms for group discussion
  • Prof. Zorn develops Reciprocity and Cooperation Among Students
    • V-Streaming and Podcasting:
    • Coaching messages
    • Instructional Video Messages
    • Modelling Assignments & Tasks
    • “Student-Only” Public Discussion Rooms
    • Learning Team Private Tutorial Rooms
    • Student Ombuds-Buddies
    • Online Letters from Previous Students
      • Tips for upcoming semester from previous semester

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