Food Crisis

I am currently enrolled in a business and public policy course for my MBA studies.  I have a research project due in the middle of November, in which I am supposed to focus on The Food Crisis.  “What food crisis?” you may ask. The instructor has left the assignment wide open, and we can choose any aspect of a current food crisis in the world.

The assignment is as follows:

  • Research the full context of the problem
  • Look at the historical situations which posed similar issues and policy challenges
  • Identify all of the stakeholders and list their concerns, values, and desired solutions to the problem
  • Conduct two personal interviews with stakeholders in the situation
  • Write a policy paper, recommending a policy-making process for the federal government (or any other countries government) that incorporates the shared values of all stakeholders

I have a couple ideas for the paper, but I have not settled on any specific crisis.  If you are reading this blog post and would like to give me an idea for this paper, or point me toward a stakeholder willing to be interviewed, feel free to leave a comment.




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