About Jared Johnson

Hi, my name is Jared Johnson. I live with my wife in the Washington, DC area. By day, I am a project manager for Academic Technologies, a department of The George Washington University. By night, I am an MBA student at The George Washington University School of Business. I enjoy planning the implementation of new technology and reading about topics in the field of management, theology, sustainability, politics, and emerging technologies. I volunteer at my church as a sound engineer and a small group leader, I am a hack photographer, and a sports fanatic. I explore these topics and more on my lifestream site. You can reach me via email at jaredwj(at)gmail.com or on social hubs like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed. Note: Everything posted on this site is my personal opinion. It does not represent the views of The George Washington University or National Community Church.

Pic: Rocky Steps. So corny, but so necessary!

Update (October 31, 2011):
I took this picture on the iconic “Rocky Steps” of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while I was in Philadelphia for the Educause Annual Conference. I took a nice out-and-back 5 mile run along Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill River, and finished with the touristy Rocky experience.

Missing My Little Buddy


I’m looking forward to having my wife and son home tomorrow night! I left them at my in-law’s house in Cleveland on Monday morning. Unfortunately, I have to leave them again next week to go to a conference in Philadelphia from Tuesday to Friday.

This short time away from my newborn son makes me reflect on how thankful I am for being able to have spent so much time with him in his first several months of life. I was able to take off from work for the entire first month of his life, and I’ve spent every available moment with him since going back to work four weeks ago. I can’t imagine what it’s like for parents who have to miss out on the early months of their child’s life for military or job duties.