Pic: Rocky Steps. So corny, but so necessary!

Update (October 31, 2011):
I took this picture on the iconic “Rocky Steps” of the Philadelphia Museum of Art while I was in Philadelphia for the Educause Annual Conference. I took a nice out-and-back 5 mile run along Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill River, and finished with the touristy Rocky experience.

Next 10K Is On The Calendar

It feels good to be back in training mode. I just registered to run the Marine Corps Marathon 10K race on October 30, 2011. I have needed a new training challenge for a little while now. I took a pretty long break from training after last October’s Marine Corps Marathon. I still ran throughout the winter, but without much consistency. I bought a new bicycle this spring, so I cycled a lot more often than I ran throughout the spring and summer.

I ran the MCM 10K in 2009, so my goal for this race is to beat my 2009 time of 57:45 (~9:19 min/mi). I will probably set a more specific time goal a little closer to the race.