Mars—Mutuality in Action

According to, Mars Inc. has offered $23 billion cash for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.  Initial reports from The Wall Street Journal indicate that this deal will lead to job creation in Chicago, instead of downsizing.  Wrigley will be its own entity within Mars and will retain its headquarters downtown Chicago.

This news seems to reinforce one of the five Mars in Action corporate principles—Mutuality.  The Mars website has the following description of “mutuality” in action at Mars:

At Mars, mutuality means that every associate has a responsibility to ensure that others also benefit.  Not just Mars itself, but everyone involved – from customers to fellow associates, and from suppliers to the local community.

On the surface, this looks like an example of a large corporate power that understands the principle of sustainability.  It will be interesting to watch this saga unfold and see whether the Chicago community truly benefits from this merger.

If you interested, watch the Mars documentary video—The Five Principles in action.