A Child-Like Response to Adult-Sized Obstacles

My small business management classmate posted a video that I like in a blog post about the characteristics of an entrepreneur. (See the “Entrepreneurs can change the world” video on my lifestream here)

I think the video has a great message when it challenges people to think about healing the US economy the way they did when they were a child. Kids think with so much creativity and imagination especially when solving problems. Although many times their ideas are impossible to implement, they are not afraid to think of outrageous propositions. Many adults tend to apply common methods to obstacles and find it difficult to think of new approaches. In one sense, entrepreneurs are people who apply child-like imagination to adult problems. They have the self-determination to step out and implement a new business model even when people around them expect it to fail.

I have been trying to approach my job with a new level of creativity. This requires me to question my problem-solving methods on a daily basis. I find this difficult to do in my job because my first inclination is to do things the way they have already been done.

I have to stop myself and ask, “Am I doing this task in a certain way because it is the best way to approach it, or because I have done it this way in the past? Is there a more creative way to accomplish this task?”