Looking Forward to Educause 2011

I will be attending the Educause 2011 Annual Conference at the Philadelphia Convention Center next month (Oct. 18-21). I have been attending the Educause annual conference since 2006. It is always great to hear the ways other universities are using instructional technology, especially when they present assessment data to go along with their solutions.

My team will be giving a presentation at this year’s conference on our experience developing and supporting the official mobile application for The George Washington University. We launched the iOS version of GW Mobile in January 2011, and released an Android version in April 2011. To date, the app has been downloaded over 10,000 times across the two mobile platforms.

I am also excited to hear Seth Godin speak at one of the conference’s general sessions. I expect him to have some interesting things to say to the higher education community.


Final Semester of Grad School!


I started my final semester of graduate school tonight. I will complete my MBA from The George Washington School of Business in three short months! Between now and then I need to write a complete business plan. I will also have the opportunity to enter my plan into several cash prize competitions if I decide to move forward with it.

Now I just need to figure out which idea I am going to run with.

Photo: Quick Walk Around the White House


I took a lunch time walk around the White House this afternoon. I love working so close to the White House grounds. The weather is gorgeous today! Notice the flag is flying at half staff on top of the White House.
President Obama declared today, April 19, 2010, as National Day of Service and Remembrance for Victims and Survivors of Terrorism. Today is the 15-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing at the Murrah Federal Building.