Next 10K Is On The Calendar

It feels good to be back in training mode. I just registered to run the Marine Corps Marathon 10K race on October 30, 2011. I have needed a new training challenge for a little while now. I took a pretty long break from training after last October’s Marine Corps Marathon. I still ran throughout the winter, but without much consistency. I bought a new bicycle this spring, so I cycled a lot more often than I ran throughout the spring and summer.

I ran the MCM 10K in 2009, so my goal for this race is to beat my 2009 time of 57:45 (~9:19 min/mi). I will probably set a more specific time goal a little closer to the race.


My Marine Corps Marathon 10K time was 57:45. #mcm10k


My official 10K (6.2 miles) time for Sunday’s race was 57:45. I finished number 1580 out of 5110 finishers, and I was the 922nd male out of 1999. I am really pleased with the time and the pace (approx 9:19 min miles), especially since I only trained for the race for eight weeks. When I started the training, the maximum I could run at a time was around three miles.


My goal is to run a full marathon before next Thanksgiving (November 2010). Thanksgiving 2010 is significant to me, because it will be the 10-year anniversary of a very serious accident I had, in which I broke shattered both of my legs and my back. After reconstructing both of my ankles, some of my doctors were doubtful that I would ever be able to run and play sports again. It has taken a lot of physical therapy, a follow-up surgery, and a lot of running through pain to get to this point where I can run pain-free. 

My younger sister ran the full marathon on Sunday, and finished just under 4:20.  That was an awesome time for her first marathon!

10K Training: Week 2

Today I begin the second week of my eight-week 10K training program. I am running the Marine Corps Marathon 10K on October 25, 2009. I have been an occasional runner for a long time, but this is my first time training for a formal race. I ran six days in a row last week and got up to a distance of 3.25 mi. I am using the Easy 10K training program posted on