Video: Hello, I’m a Mac … and I’ve Got a Dirty Secret



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New CoolSign Digital Signs in Funger Hall


The two new signs were installed in conjunction with the renovation project on the first and second floors of Funger Hall.  Academic Technologies utilizes the enterprise-class CoolSign digital signage software.

Fast Company breaks down the Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface

See Fast Company’s list of 21 killer apps for the Microsoft Surface tabletop computing platform here.

We are currently in the pre-planning/development stage of a Microsoft Surface project in the Academic Technologies department at The George Washington University.

Don’t Forget to Recycle Your Old Electronics

According to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, less than 13% of electronics gear gets recycled. Consider turning in your old iPod to Apple for a 10% discount on a new iPod, or take Dell up on their option to ship back your old Dell equipment for free.

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